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100 Pack 100% COTTON GREY BAGS - Reusable Grocery bags - 5.5 oz - Cotton Tote - Eco-friendly - Super Strong - Reusable - Washable - Great choice for Promotion Branding and Gift…


- Atmos Green bags are made with High Quality cotton fabric suitable for shopping and other day to day purposes    
- Atmos Green cotton bags are made with natural cotton fibre and hence eco-friendly & biodegradable    
- Atmos Green cotton bags are eco-friendly and economical alternate for harmful plastic bags    
- Atmos Green cotton bags can be reused and hold lot more weight than plastic & paper bags    
- Atmos Green cotton bags can offer the opportunity to make a eco-friendly statement about green living through promotions and advertisement by retailers and organizations    






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  • - Machine washable

    - Do not wash with colored clothes which will bleed color

    - Do not bleech